Stone Ideas

Murals Application

Wall murals express and reflect your own personal artistic expression on your interior and exterior walls. From picking the best natural stone to fashioning a new design, from precise, careful stone engraving to colouring and touch-up, every step we take for creation of the perfect wall mural is determined to distinctively compliment your interior décor ideas. If you are seeking something more innovative than the modest natural stone wall tiles, the truly dramatic and unique decorative wall murals are meant exclusively for you!

interior wall

Rustic Tree
An MDF mural tree painted with rustic colors mounted on top of a natural stone mosaic tile wall, creating an antique and lavish effect in the living room.

entry wall

Mapel Leaf Tree
An office wall decorated with light taupe natural stone mosaic surrounding a maple leaf stone engraving, creating spaciousness and serenity

office wall

Spritiual Opus
Sculpted forms of Buddha and the infinitive symbol of ohm arranged in linear geometry atop natural stone wall planks

studio wall

Foliage Array
An exterior wall adorned with stunning mural of elaborately chiselled leaf pattern placed between natural stone wall cladding.

designer engraving

Lotus Blossom
A stone mural depicting a lotus flower at peak flourish sculpted on a brandy rose coloured natural stone on an exterior wall.

living room wall

Spritiual Opus
A side view of the tranquil stone engraving with low highlights, creating a soothing atmosphere fit for a Yoga Studio.