Stone Ideas

Stone Veneer Application

Natural Stone Veneer sheets are thin, and flexible, making them perfect for application in spaces where thick stone tiles cannot be placed. Stone veneer sheet captivate the appeal of textures and splashes of colours and patterns characteristic to natural stones, while maintaining their strength and resilience. This makes them ideal for applications on interior and exterior walls, closets, doors, as well as on furniture and partitions. With a wide assortment of colors, patterns and sizes available to select from, the only limit to creative interior and exterior application of stone veneer sheets is your own imagination!

stone veneer

Stone Veneer Application 01
An elegant application of Stone Veneer sheets to complement the interior shades of a trendy living room.

stone veneer application

Stone Veneer Application 02
A modern bathroom with a dark blue stone veneer with striations of light gray adorning the walls and countertop

natural stone veneer

Stone Veneer Application 03
A natural brown thin stone veneer sheet complementing rich orange tones of a contemporary bathroom.

Stone wall mosaic

Stone Veneer Application 04
An innovative use of natural stone veneer sheets to create a graceful luxury in the waiting lounge of an office.

Stone veneer sheet

Stone Veneer Application 05
Natural stone veneer sheet used to create a captivating levelled reception desk in a modern office space.

stone veneer

Stone Veneer Application 06
Thin stone veneer sheets can be applied on furniture and cabinets to create an exquisitely textured surface.