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stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 021
A stunning mosaic with a wide array of dark neutral colours, perfect for creating a luxurious and cosy wall.

Stone mosaics

Stone Mosaic 022
Shades of neutral in a wall mosaic of randomly arranged rectangles with softly ingrained stone texture.

natural stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 023
Small squares of gold and black fitted together to create a beautiful natural stone wall mosaic.

Stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 024
Black-and-white wall mosaic tiles with small alternating squares, ideal for interior wall decoration.

Stone Mosaic 025
Strikingly textured tiles of curved pieces of natural stones put together for a breath-taking wall mosaic.

interior wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 026
The texture and color of sandalwood ingrained on a natural stone mosaic shaped in curved ridges.

designer wall mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 027
A distinctive mosaic tile with gentle shift of colors from beige to cream within rounded tiles of natural stones.

stone wall mosaic ideas

Stone Mosaic 028
Light sandalwood coloured natural stone mosaic with curved tiles and texture resembling that of natural wood.

decorative Stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 029
Beautifully cut natural stone mosaic with pentagonal geometries placed together to create abstract shapes.

natural stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 030
Intricately textured ragged rectangles of natural stones placed at acute angles to form a lively spring mosaic.