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stone mosaic wall cladding

Stone Mosaic 031
A splash of neutral organic colors on a wall mosaic of assorted square and rectangular shapes.

Stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 032
Neatly fitted squares of natural stone with striated texture and beautiful sandalwood color variations.

natural stone mosaic Wall cladding

Stone Mosaic 033
An exquisite collection of dark hues mixed with patterned and lighter variations of natural stone.

Stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 034
Very small squares of an assortment of colours, forming an alluring natural stone wall mosaic.

Stone Mosaic 035
SSmooth natural stones with soothing, soft colours grouted together to create a serene wall mosaic.

interior wall  cladding mosaic

Stone Mosaic 036
TSmall squares of stone brown colour unevenly fitted in the wall mosaic perfect for interior and exterior application.

designer wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 037
A colourful array of natural stones creating an elegant yet trendy wall mosaic, ideal for accent walls and décor

stone wall mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 038
Textured variations of color and patterns on natural stone wall mosaic tiles.

decorative Stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 039
Ragged rock pattern carved on the surface of smooth natural stones to create a sophisticated dark mosaic.

natural stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 040
Small tiles of varying dusk colours engraved with straight lines fitted in alternating directions for a striking mosaic.