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stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 061
An assortment of tan, chalk white and faun bands of natural stone chiselled to ragged contours and dimensions.


Stone Mosaic 062
Raggedly carved squares and rectangles of natural stone patterns with brown and white striations and leaf murals.

natural stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 063
An assortment of coloured rectangular blocks arranged precisely for a seamless natural stone wall mosaic.

mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 064
Blocks of natural stone with ridged carvings on the sides placed together to resemble a beautiful brick wall.

Stone Mosaic 065
Up and down wall mosaic created with dark gray natural stone, ideal for interior and exterior application.

interior stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 066
Arches of richly textured faun natural stone arranged horizontally and vertically creating a graceful wall mosaic.

designer wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 067
Narrow panels of gray and chalk white arranged in random assortment to express a calm and beautiful wall mosaic.

stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 068
Blocks of natural stone bearing an ingrained wooden texture locked with a slant into an elegant wall mosaic.

decorative stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 069
Narrow panels of natural stone in subdued shades of white arranged in parallel fashion to one another.

natural stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 070
Strips of natural stones of varying colors chiselled in an uneven fashion and arranged together dynamically.