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Natural stone wall mosaics are magnificent compositions of small pieces of natural stones put together in a unique fashion. We provide a huge variety of patterns and sizes of stone walll mosaics that can be used for interior or exterior wall cladding decorations. Make your kitchen backsplash come alive with sprawling colors of stone mosaic wall tiles, toss a extravagance of colors down your hallway by randomising stone mosaic designs or turn your bathroom into a luxurious antiquity with stone wall mosaic tile decorations.Stone Ideas, India specialize in a variety of Stone mosaic wall tiles for wall cladding

stone basin

Stone Wash Basin 001
Trendy stone mosaic splattered with shimmering gray and golden with deep textures of black and rustic orange.

Stone wash basin

Stone Wash Basin 002
A tranquil Stone mosaic with soothing colors and natural stone texture, with a subtle hint of shimmer.

natural stone wash basin

Stone Wash Basin 003
A lustrous gray natural stone mosaic, speckled with a random green to complement a trendy bathroom wall.

stone basin India

Stone Wash Basin 004
A smooth Stone mosaic with darker colors, perfect for a modern bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash.

marble stone basin

Stone Wash Basin 005
Dark wall mosaic with a slight hint of natural stone texture and a hint of evenly spread tonal variation.

bathroom basin

Stone Wash Basin 006
A shimmering Stone mosaic sprinkled with a multitude of hues, ranging from rustic orange to gray and olive green.

designer Stone basin

Stone Wash Basin 007
Slate-gray mosaic tiles with smooth texture of natural stone and patches of ingrained patterns.

stone basins

Stone Wash Basin 008
Small rectangular blocks of dark gray put together in a trendy and stylish natural stone wall mosaic.

designer basins

Stone Wash Basin 009
A smooth multi-coloured Stone mosaic splashed with a varied array of natural hues and patterns.

stone basin

Stone Wash Basin 010
Elegant, beautiful stone wall mosaic textured with a look of natural stones within tiles of subtle, natural colours.