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Natural stones have a peculiar charm to them. Self-textured through years and years of natural processing deep beneath the earth, their texture and beauty cannot be replicated in any other form. The stunning variations in colours and styles, naturally uneven configurations, combined with a desirable strength, makes these stones ideal for all interior and exterior decoration ideas. At Stone Ideas, we take pride in providing an unparalleled array of options for natural stones applications. But where style and personality of interior décor and exterior application are in question, nothing can speak better than for us than our projects!

wall panel

Boundary Wall
Lightly textured gray natural stones, complemented by rustic strips add life to a trendy, fashionably designed house.

wall panel

Front Elevation Wall
A beautiful contemporary house adorned with neutral toned natural stone wall panels complementing the garden greens

wall panel

Elevation Wall
Stone bricks, both stunning and robust, turn the impression of this simple house design into a state of art mansion.

wall panel

Exterior Wall
The front elevation wall, lavishly decorated with natural stone bricks by stone ideas, leave the onlookers astounded and amazed .

designer wall

Front Entry Wall
Stone bricks have elaborate textures and subtle natural tones ideal for lavish interior and exterior natural stone applications.

stone mosaic

Indoor Wall
Wall murals can be complemented with other natural stone products to create astounding accent and elevation walls.