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  Natural Stone Murals

Expand your interior and exterior wall décor to a new dimension with sculpted natural stone wall murals. Cut or carved into stunning and elaborate designs, wall murals grant the wall decoration a lavish, imperial personality. Introduce uniqueness and distinction to your elevation walls, hallways, galleries, living room walls, accent walls and office spaces with elegantly engraved natural stones. With a multitude of patterns, colors, sizes, designs and styles of wall murals available at Stone Ideas, you can pick or create the perfect stone murals that synchronize with your interior décor ideas.

stone murals engraving

Stone Engaving
2D, 3D Stone Engraving: Engraved natural stones wall murals are created using machines that precisely and carefully sculpt the stones, fashioning detailed patterns on them.

stone grid

Stone Grid: Stone jalis are created by cutting through slabs of sandstone, marble, limestone and other natural stones to create 3 dimensional grids of custom designs.

stone murals applications

Wall murals are custom designed for every your interior and exterior walls, so that the spaces you occupy reflect your own distinctive taste and personality.