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Grant your garden a unique artistic touch with exquisite natural stone stepping stones. Made from sandstone, limestone, marble, quartzite or slate, the stepping stones are finished for intense resistance and against heavy rains and unpredictable weather conditions. Create a simplistic timeless look by placing rectangular stones for a pathway through the grass, or flash fashion and distinguished imagination by using natural stones engraved into beautiful shapes to adorn your landscape. We provide a wide array of colours, patterns and styles of stepping stones to select from to compliment your personal vision of the perfect garden!

stepping stones

Stepping Stones 001
Leaf-shaped stepping stones with intricately engraved vein pattern and natural stone texture.

garden stepping stones

Stepping Stones 002
A natural sandstone coloured garden stepping with a chiselled in the shape of a butterfly.

garden stepping stones

Stepping Stones 003
A serene garden stepping stone with yin and yang engraving in detailed hues of gray.

garden stepping stones

Stepping Stones 004
Adorn your garden with ornamental natural stone garden pavers carved in the shape of a delicate flower.

garden stepping stones

Stepping Stones 005
A truly elegant carving of the golden ratio spiral, sculpted with elaborate details for a garden stepping stone.