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stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 071
A unique wall mosaic assembled with brown natural stone in an up and down fashion.


Stone Mosaic 072
Rectangles of dark brown and beige, with specks and striations closed in to create a charismatic wall mosaic.

natural stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic 073
RNatural stone wall mosaic of carved brick patterns in a multitude of colors, ideal for interior and exterior walls.

mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 074
Variations of dark brown and slate colours in natural stone brick mosaic, perfect for distinguished accent walls.

Stone Mosaic 075
Striations of dark and light slate gray cover the smooth texture of the geometrically designed natural stone wall mosaic.

interior wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 076
Natural stone wall mosaic tiles with curved stones cut at the centre, creating the look of natural bamboo sticks.

designer wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 077
A modern wall mosaic grooved on the sides and cut in shape of bamboo stems, with striking natural stone texture.

stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic 078
A natural brown stone wall mosaic cut into curved squares and tailored together into an exquisite design.

decorative mosaic

Stone Mosaic 079
Arched bands of brown and white intertwined to create a unique natural stone mosaic for a distinctive accent wall.

natural stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic 080
A stunning wall mosaic created with ragged natural stones of deep rainforest patterns and a dynamic arrangement.